It’s Official, Theresa May Is Britain’s New Prime Minister

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It’s official, Theresa May has been confirmed as Britain’s new Prime Minister.

As reported by the BBC, May travelled to Buckingham Palace where she met Queen Elizabeth II and accepted her invitation to form a new government.


May is only the second ever female PM, with Margaret Thatcher the first.

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Prior to May’s arrival the Queen accepted David Cameron’s resignation from leading the nation, opting instead to head for the hills following the failure of the remain campaign to achieve victory in the EU referendum.


As part of his resignation speech outside Downing Street earlier today, Cameron wished his successor well in triggering Article 50 of the EU Lisbon Treaty, adding that she will provide ‘strong and stable leadership’.

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So out of the frying pan of being home secretary, and into the fire of being Conservative PM during a pivotal moment in UK politics.

Here’s hoping May can somehow deliver on her promise to unite a nation in turmoil.