Justin Bieber’s Penis Is Now Available Online

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This day was always going to come. Justin Bieber is vacationing in Bora Bora with model Jayde Pierce and he decided to have a cheeky skinny dip in the balcony spa. He is a free and uninhibited young lad. 

Twitter is now heating up over his wang and I’m personally hoping for a Photoshop Battle within 24 hours.

Some people appear to be taking it upon themselves to cover him up with their Microsoft Paint skills, but so far the attempts to censor the man do not outweigh the uncensored images floating around. You’re here for the goods, right? So here’s some uncensored action.

Now you’ve snuck a peak at his family jewels we’ll move onto the entertaining reactions that are popping up…

Fuck it, I’m embedding this last one. UNCENSORED WARNING… 

Crikey. That about does it with this story. The age of #bieberjunk is upon us.

Word on the internet street is that the pictures were snapped by the New York Daily News.


New York Daily News
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