Kim Jong-un Could Be Kicked Out Of North Korea By Military

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The only fat man in North Korea Kim Jong-un risks being kicked out of the country he rules, for spending too much.

It’s rumoured that North Korea’s obese overlord could soon be ousted by senior members of his own military unless he tackles the country’s failing economy, the Mirror reports.

The South Korean press are reporting that a lack of progress in North Korea’s struggling economy has lead to widespread dissatisfaction which could lead to the overthrow of the ruling Workers’ Party.

Kim Jong un Could Be Kicked Out Of North Korea By Military The statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang april 2012 1200x800wikimedia

These dramatic rumours are revealed in a Seoul-commissioned report titled: A Study on the Party-Military Relations of the Kim Jong-un Regime.

The report reads:

The stability of the Kim regime and party-military relations hinges on the country’s economic growth and continued military spending.

In the event of an economic failure, a shift in the Kim regime could emerge as the military — rather than regular North Koreans — would first demand a shift in party-military relations or call for a military-centric order.

It’s also said that under Kim Jong-un the military has gained more power in some areas than the ruling party itself.

Kim Jong un Could Be Kicked Out Of North Korea By Military Korean Peoples Army Soldiers prepare to repatriate remains during a repatriation ceremony at the Panmunjom Joint Security Area on 981106 F AF179 013 1200x800Wikimedia

Despite the news a defiant (and optimistic) North Korea recently announced its intention to ‘conquer space’ by launching more satellites, ignoring Western opposition.

According to local media Kim Jong-Un said space exploration was a ‘strategic goal’, despite the UN’s criticism that the move violated international sanctions.

Speaking at an awards ceremony for those involved in the rocket launch earlier this month, he said: “Conquering space is … a fierce class struggle against the hostile forces seeking to usurp our peace and sovereignty.”

Although the removal of Kim Jong-Un sounds like a good thing there’s speculation that it will only lead to various competing warlords attempting to seize power, which could lead to all out civil war – the last thing the people of North Korea need.


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