Lingerie Model Left Bedridden By Blood-Sucking Insect

By : Ben HaywardTwitterLogo

Lingerie Model Left Bedridden By Blood Sucking Insect michelle2Twitter

Bikini model Michelle De Feo, who has done racy photo shoots for the likes of Nuts, Zoo and Max Power, is still suffering the effects of Lyme disease – a year after being diagnosed.

The 23-year-old contracted the bacterial infection after being bitten by an infected tick and has since spent £10,000 on private treatment for the disease – which her doctor originally diagnosed as depression.

Still suffering from migraines and vertigo, Michelle has days when she can’t get out of bed, and the lingerie model must take intravenous antibiotics and oxygen for hours every day. “It got up to a point where I had to stop working, I was getting bad vertigo. Some days I was bed ridden,” Michelle told the Daily Star.

The misdiagnosis and course of anti-depressants that she was initially prescribed by her GP made the condition worse, as did medication she was given for the vertigo-related migraines which was suggested by a private doctor back in Britain.

It wasn’t until a friend mentioned Lyme disease and Michelle paid £600 for a thorough test to be done in Germany, that she finally got a positive diagnosis. However, when she had mentioned the possibility of Lyme disease to her GP, he had appeared sceptical.

Hang in their Michelle, sure you’ll be back in front of the cameras before too long.