Man Shoots And Kills Woman After Roleplay Sex Goes Badly Wrong

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A man has been arrested after being found with the body of a woman in his hotel room following a roleplay sex game gone wrong.

Tyrone Fields, 21, claims he and Christina Meagher, 18, were role-playing when he climbed on top of her and put a 9mm automatic pistol to her head and pulled the trigger, accidentally killing her.

Fields said that although he had removed the magazine from the weapon, he hadn’t checked the gun chamber for bullets.

He told police that she asked him to put a gun to her head as part of their sexual activity. Fields also said that they had not begun to have sex, but he was lying on top of her, when the gun was fired.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s reported that:

The defendant stated that he intentionally pulled the trigger as part of the role-play, and the handgun fired a single round into the victim’s head.

Hotel surveillance videos show the pair entering the hotel room at the Regency Inn and Suites in Tampa consensually.

Meagher’s cousin, Nathan Bradley, paid tribute to his cousin, telling reporters she “loved to have fun” and “everybody loved her for it”.

Fields has been arrested, charged with manslaughter and discharge with the result of death.


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