Bizarre Reason Behind Man Jumping Naked Into Lion Pit Revealed

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The former soldier who jumped into a lion enclosure last week did so because he believed he was a prophet, it is claimed.

Franco Ferrada, 20, stripped naked before jumping into the lion pit at Santiago Zoo in Chile on Saturday.

Horrified onlookers watched as the man wrestled with the lions before they attacked him, leaving him alive, but seriously injured. Two lions were shot dead as a result.

Ferrada left a note in the pocket of his abandoned clothing, claiming to be a prophet and declaring the end of the world was near, according to The Mirror.

It read: “The apocalypse has arrived, and I will know when it shall come. I am the prophet and I have returned for my people.”

While it’s unclear whether he was trying to end his life, witnesses at the zoo revealed he recounted to them the biblical hero, Daniel, who was thrown to the lions but saved by an angel sent by God, the Daily Mail reports.

It’s also reported that two drawings of lions were found in Ferrada’s wallet by paramedics.

Witness Cynthia Vasquez told Radio Bío Bío the animals did not attack immediately and criticised zoo staff for their allegedly ‘slow’ response.

She said: “He got in from on top of the enclosure, the lions started to play with him, then they attacked him.”

Vasquez added that security first tried firing water at the lions and evacuated the area before deciding to shoot – sparking outrage among animal rights activists.

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Ferrada’s apparent suicide attempt is believed to be related to his mother’s death, which family members said he never came to terms with after she died from breast cancer when he was 11.

According to family members, Ferrada was put in care after his mother died and his dad turned to drinking. He then joined the army.

The 20-year-old is currently recovering in the Santiago hospital Clinica Indisa, with wounds to his face, skull, neck, shoulders and groin.