Man With Bionic Penis Has Surgery To Make It Smaller

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Man With Bionic Penis Has Surgery To Make It Smaller moham8ITV

A man with an eight-inch bionic penis has resorted to having even more surgery – this time, to make it smaller.

Mohammad Abad, from Edinburgh was fitted with the £70,000 replacement in 2012 after losing his penis and testicle when he was run over by a car at six-years-old.

Abad was dragged 600 yards along the road during the horrific accident. He survived – but at the expense of his penis.

But last year, at 44, he finally lost his virginity to a celebrity dominatrix using his new manhood.

Man With Bionic Penis Has Surgery To Make It Smaller moham9 1SWNS

And although we’re sure Abad was thrilled with the new experience, he told The Sun that sex was painful because his eight-inch piece was too large.

The reduction surgery at University College in London marked the 121st operation on his manhood – and the three-and-a-half hour procedure seems to have been a success.

Doctors also retrieved sperm from his remaining testicle, meaning his dream of having children could be a real possibility, the Daily Star reports.

And it’s safe to say Abad was pleased with his new slimmed-down member:

This is the last push – I am ready to go. Once the stitches are out I will take the first opportunity to try it out.

I was on a male ward with three other guys and they were asking me loads of questions.

I was quite happy to show them my bionic penis – they were like ‘wow’.

Let’s hope he’s happy with his new manhood.


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