Marco Pierre White Jr F*cked Up Court Case Because He Was ‘Too Hungover’

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Eternal dickhead Marco Pierre White Jr is living up to his fuck boy image since being booted out of Big Brother.

If you think the apparent model wasn’t enough of a dickhead already for cheating on his fiancee during a reality TV show, sending his ‘fans’ a video of him doing coke, and filming himself having sex with a prostitute – you may want to think again.


His father’s estranged wife has been cleared of assault after Marco Jr was ‘too hungover’ to go to court to give evidence against her.

Matilde White was accused of attacking her adult sons Luciano and Marco Jr in September last year, Sky News reports.

After allegedly ‘bursting her way’ into Marco Jr’s London flat, she told him: “You’re a fucking loser junkie – you’re going to prison.”


Which, I mean, isn’t completely far off from the truth.

She then apparently then kicked him repeatedly in the groin before dragging him by his hair. When Luciano tried to separate them she allegedly bit him on the arm.

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But, thanks to Marco Jr’s fuck boy antics, the trial collapsed after both he and his brother failed to attend Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court, where they were due to give evidence.

Marco Jr later told police he was ‘too hungover’ to give evidence after apparently going out partying on Monday night.


Even his mum’s lawyer is pissed off with him. Michael Smith, defending, said: “It is utterly outrageous that a witness in a criminal case thinks that he can go to a party the night before.”

He’s officially reached peak dickhead.


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