Miley Cyrus’s Nipples Have Finally Outsmarted Instagram Censors

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Miley Cyruss Nipples Have Finally Outsmarted Instagram Censors GettyImages 486030852 640x426Getty

While Miley Cyrus is free to cavort about on stage naked, Instagram has been more vigilant in censoring the nipple, barring her from posting topless photos.

You see the prudish tyrants over at Instagram have a strict no nipple policy which bars people from posting any photo’s of their boobs.

I say anyone, but that’s actually not true. The ban doesn’t affect men, who are free to post as many topless photo’s as they want, which seems a bit unfair.

FUCK YEAH #KoonsXGoogle

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Miley’s not one to take these thing’s lying down, though, and came in like a wrecking ball, smashing Instagram’s rules with a cunning idea.

Rather than simply posting a bare chested snap the Hannah Montana star used a shiny orb to reflect her nipples while hiding her boobs in the actual photo.

Well done Miley, you’ve beaten system…


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