Model Reveals How She Orgasmed During Her Gym Workout

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Model Reveals How She Orgasmed During Her Gym Workout jess2Instagram

It sounds like one Sports Illustrated model may have been taking things a little too far at the gym.

In an interview with, Jessica White revealed she got so into her workout regime that she actually had an orgasm at the gym.

The ‘incident’ occurred while she was doing squats as part of her fitness regime organised by personal trainer Robert Brace.

She said:

He’s the only trainer that’s gotten my ass out of the bed at like 7 am.

I was doing these squats one time, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is orgasmic.’

Maybe I was squeezing, and doing my kegels? I don’t know what it was … but I had to go to the bathroom. That’s when I realised my body was bigger than me.

Jessica first appeared in Sports Illustrated back in 2011 but since then has gone on to become a well known supermodel

She has done work for Jay Z’s brand ‘Rocawear’ and also Beyonce’s ‘House of Dereon’, and was even in the studio when the pair were recording ‘Drunken Love’.

During the interview, Jessica says that she copes with the pressures of her work by not taking things too seriously:

I’m a very free spirited person – I think you need to be yourself not take this shit too seriously and just have fun.

I guess that goes some way to explaining her extra enjoyment at the gym and host Ellie Lee pointed out that she should probably come out with a workout called ‘Jessica’s squats’.

You’d think it would be pretty popular.