Monica Lewinsky Speaks Out About Clinton Sex Scandal And The Trauma It Caused

By : Ben Hayward |



The former White House intern revealed she ‘considered suicide’ after her sexual relationship with Bill Clinton was made public.

In an interview for the Guardian, Lewinsky described the pain she still suffers nearly two decades after being humiliated in the world’s press.

But the media weren’t the only ones condemning Lewinsky back in the 90s – unexpected public figures including some feminist writers also took part in the backlash against her, reports Mashable.


She told the Guardian:

The shame sticks to you like tar.  I think it’s fair to say that whatever mistakes I made, I was hung out to dry by a lot of people – by a lot of the feminists who had loud voices.

Though Lewinsky never attempted suicide, she told the Guardian she came very close to it – even working out how she would have ended her life.


Lewinsky also explained how she is now trying to face up to her past and ‘reclaim it’ by sharing her story:

There’s shame about the shame. So there’s a tendency to not want to tell someone what’s going on.

She first broke her decade of silence in 2014 when she wrote a story called ‘Shame And Survival’ for Vanity Fair and last year she gave a TED talk in which she said: “If I’m stuck with my past, giving it purpose feels meaningful to me.”


When asked by the Guardian if she thinks she would’ve received the same treatment if the scandal broke today, Lewinsky said she hopes it would’ve been different – but she’s uncertain.

But it does seem that attitudes have changed for the better.

Following the latest interview, the Internet has responded very sympathetically – even from some people who admitted they had given her a hard time in the 90s:

And it seems that people’s support has meant a great deal to Lewinsky:

It’s nice to know that people can revise their opinions over time.


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