New App Lets You Know When The Police Kill Someone

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There’s an app for everything these day including, rather disturbingly, one that tracks every time police in America kill someone.

The app, Archives + Absences, will send a morbid push notification to your phone every time the police take a life in the United States, report.


These bleak notifications come without any reason attached and only include the victim’s name. Shockingly, if you installed the app three weeks ago, you would have received 56 notifications – roughly two a day.

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The app gets its info from The Guardian’s ‘The Counted’ database, which is an open record of police killings in the United States. The record was built because, outrageously, the U.S. government doesn’t keep its own archives.


Of course not all police incidents of violence are unwarranted. The Guardian found that in around 1 in 5 incidences of police killings their victims had fired shots back at the police. But those same analyses also found that young black men are nine times more likely to be killed by police than other Americans.

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Archives + Absences was created by Josh Begley, a web developer and internet artist who’s produced a series of similarly provocative apps including Dronestream, an app that tracks drone strikes by the U.S. military abroad.

If you want the Archives + Absences app, you’ll have to download it quick. The App Store has strict censorship and Begley’s app for tracking drone strikes has already been removed leading to speculation Archives + Absences may soon be gone.