New Evidence Could Dispel Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Theories

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In the 22 years since Kurt Cobain’s tragic death, there have been numerous conspiracy theories that the Nirvana frontman didn’t commit suicide as reported, but was murdered.

Cobain was found dead with a shotgun blast to the head, and a lethal dose of heroin injected into his system, at his home near Lake Washington, in the Seattle area on April 5 1994.


His death was ruled a suicide but new documentary film Soaked In Bleach has only fueled the conspiracy theories that he was murdered and there was a subsequent cover up, with former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper even calling for the investigation to be reopened.

However, now Seattle police have released new evidence which they hope will dispel those theories, once and for all.

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Authorities have released photographs of the shotgun Cobain was found clutching at the scene to prove that it does actually exist, reports the Daily Mail.

One of the main parts of conspiracy theories surrounding Cobain’s death claimed the shotgun had been melted down to hide evidence of a murder and subsequent cover-up by the SPD.

The gun is one of the final pieces of evidence in the case which has been made public by cold case homicide Det. Michael Ciesynski in a bid to shut down demands for an investigation to reopened into the singer’s death.


Two years ago, Ciesynski developed three rolls of crime scene film which included images of a box of shotgun shells, Cobain’s suicide note with a pen stabbed in the middle, his heroin kit in a cigar box, and the singer’s dead body.

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However, in a twist everyone probably should have seen coming, the photographs of the gun have only managed to reignite conspiracy theorists everywhere.

Some on social media were quick to point out the sheer size of the gun, claiming that Cobain couldn’t have possibly shot himself using the long weapon.

According to Salon, Seattle writer Richard Lee – a leading proponent of the Cobain murder theory – added:

The release of the five photos of the shotgun in the Kurt Cobain homicide case provides crystal-clear proof of one thing above all else — that the Seattle Police Department has its own culture of cover-ups and secrecy.


So suicide or cover up? Sadly, we may never know for sure.


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