New Video Shows Marco Pierre White Jr Is Still A Nob

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Literal oxygen thief Marco Pierre White Jr is living up to his image as a complete fuck boi since being booted out of Britain’s eighth most popular reality TV show. 

The supposed model snapchatted a picture to his ‘fans’ which allegedly show ‘drugs paraphenalia’ including a line of mystery white powder and a credit card, The Mirror reports.


With his supposed debts being the reason for him entering the Big Brother house at least Junior’s managed to find one his card, especially with his dad reportedly cutting him off.

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The 21-year-old bell-end even captioned the pic with ‘5 days nobs sleep’ which probably means ‘5 days no sleep’ but we wouldn’t put anything past Junior at this point.

Just over a week ago the skint Marco was fined £400 after admitting to snorting coke and driving his car on April 20.


The ‘reality star’ was more than four times over the legal limit when police found him sat in the driver’s seat of his former fiancée Kim Melville-Smith’s BMW.

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White Jr, who doesn’t have a driver’s licence, insisted he was ‘only sitting in the car for a bit’.


The spoilt git spent his time in the Big Brother house acting like a teenage bad boy claiming to have wasted £250,000 of his dad’s hard earned cash on ‘prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol’ in just three months.

Is it just me or does Marco Pierre White Jr sound like sound like one of those try-hard lads from school who used to claim he ‘smoked all the drugs’ and had even ‘seen a boob once’.


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