Next Week’s Game Of Thrones Looks Like The Best Yet

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season Six.

Game of Thrones Season Six hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to shocking audiences but next week’s Battle of the Bastards looks like the most impressive episode yet.


If we’re completely honest the last three episodes haven’t been the greatest, Arya’s story’s moved as slowly as a geriatric with greyscale and Daenerys still hasn’t made her way across the sea.

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But there’s a pretty good reason why the last few episodes have been so low-key. The showrunners have been saving up the budget for the fight we’ve all been waiting to see, Ramsey Snow Bolton versus Jon Snow and it’s coming next week.

The long awaited Bastard Bowl will see the honourable ex-commander of the Nights Watch face off against the sadistic Warden of the North, Ramsay Snow Bolton in a brutal battle that looks to decide the fate of the North.


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The odds are stacked against Jon, and things certainly don’t look great for him in the teaser, with the the Bolton bastard bringing the full might of his banner men, the Umbers and Karstarks, to bare on The Wildling army.

We’re expecting the Knights of the Vale to sweep in and save Jon’s bastard bottom from Ramsey’s flaying knife, as that’s what usually happens in underdog fantasy battles.

15qrvu Next Weeks Game Of Thrones Looks Like The Best Yet

However it would be very George R.R. Martin for Jon to lose the fight.

We’ll see next Monday…