North Korea May Have Stolen Over $100m In Crazy Bank Heist

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Well well well – North Korea you never fail to surprise us, but this time it seems you’ve really outdone yourselves.

In an astonishing new release, it has been revealed that the ultimate dictator, Kim-Jong Un, leader of North Korea, is the number one suspect for a colossal bank heist earlier this year.


And according to Mic, the supreme ruler of the North isn’t just public enemy number one for that heist alone, but a series of multi-million dollar bank robberies in the past year.

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The hackers, known as the ‘Lazarus Group’, stole $101 million (£69m) from the central bank of Bangladesh in February and almost got away with over $800 million more – they also hit banks in Ecuador, the Philippines and Vietnam.


If you’re wondering how the hackers performed the heist, they obtained codes to SWIFT, a worldwide financial transaction-verification network before sending authenticated orders to drain the banks’ accounts of money.

The chunks of code used on the bank heists seem to match techniques which were used by ‘unknown’ hackers who attacked South Korean banks in the past.

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British cybsersecurity expert Matt Tait added:

I think it was North Korea. This operation was meticulously planned. And these guys knew how to launder money. That makes me lean strongly toward the notion that this was a nation state.

Damn, Kim!