Office Christmas Parties Send Everyone Sex Mad, Apparently

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Office Christmas Parties Send Everyone Sex Mad, Apparently amazingvenuesAmazingVenues

In not so surprising festive news, a new survey has found that people think it’s a good idea to hookup with their co-workers during the company Christmas party.

The survey discovered that inter-office sex shoots up during this time of year, with 39 per cent of 2,000 respondents admitting they’d had sex with a fellow employee at the party, and 54 per cent saying they’d at least kissed one, The Mirror reported.

People also confessed to having festive sex in a variety of places around the office, including the car park, a stairwell, the board room and – for the ultimate ‘fuck you for not giving me that promotion’ – the boss’s office.

Office Christmas Parties Send Everyone Sex Mad, Apparently randomoverladRandomOverload

Ann Summers, the company behind the research, told Mic:

For those daring enough, a secret trip to the boss’s office for mind-blowing sex is the best way to end the night. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Sound advice. And it seems these seasonal office flings aren’t just one time things, as you might expect, another survey found they sometimes lead to long-term relationships.

According to Marie Claire, approximately 20 per cent of women surveyed said they went straight into a relationship with their Christmas party piece, and one in seven were still with that person to this day.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen, it’s Christmas office party season, so polish off your A* ‘banter’ and get into the festive spirit with a few ‘cheeky’ eggnogs.

Because who knows what might happen…