One-Legged Pervert Told ‘He’s Walking Into A World Of Trouble’

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One Legged Pervert Told Hes Walking Into A World Of Trouble imageGainsburough Standard

A judge has told a one-legged pervert caught downloading child and animal porn that he’d ‘walked into a world of trouble’.

Peter Westhead, 60, appeared in court today after an investigation by Metropolitan Police discovered he was downloading extreme pornographic images, the Gainsborough Standard reports.

Officers obtained a warrant to search his home in Retford, Gainsburough where they discovered over 113 indecent images on his phone, and two videos.

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The pornography ranged from category C up to category A – the most extreme in nature – while police also found three images of a person engaging in sexual activity with an animal.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court Westhead admitted to six counts of downloading and distributing images.

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC ordered a probation report to be prepared on Westhead, and warned him he was facing jail.

He said:

You have no previous convictions, but you have walked into a world of trouble.

You have crossed a line and people who cross that line very seldom come back. You can fully expect and should expect that you will lose your liberty and you can have no complaint.

I want to know how dangerous you are and if there’s any treatment that can be put in place to protect the public from you.”

If you lie to the probation service and pretend it’s not serious, or that you bumbled in to it, I will disregard every single word you say to the probation service.

Westhead had appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court last month where he had been granted bail, however, Judge Rafferty ordered that he be kept on remand until his sentencing, due on March 9.


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