Oregon Militia Leader Attempts Cartoon Style Breakout Attempt

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One of the leaders of the Oregon militia who stormed a U.S. government building has been caught red handed preparing to escape from prison.

Ryan Bundy is currently in jail for his part in leading the Oregon militia, who staged a 41-day standoff with authorities at the Malheur national wildlife refuge.

Bundy wasn’t content to do his time quietly though and attempted to make a bid for freedom, crafting a bed sheet ladder to help him escape, Mashable reports.

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When caught by officials, the would-be sovereign citizen denied plotting to escape and instead claimed he was trying to ‘practice braiding rope’.

You’ll forgive us for not believing you Ryan.

Bundy is one of 26 other protesters who occupied the Malheur refuge and is currently being charged for the crime.

Should he be convicted he may face decades in prison for using ‘force, intimidation and threats’ against government officials.

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Along with the braided rope, deputies also found two strips of torn sheets, extra pillowcases, towels and worst of all an ‘unauthorised chair’ – we imagine he was just practicing owning a chair.

Assistant U.S. Prosecutor Geoffrey Barrow told a court this Monday: “We have actual evidence that he tried to escape.”

All I can say is that bed sheet ladders were a rookie mistake – he should have gone down the Andy Dufresne route and dug a tunnel behind his Rita Hayworth poster.