Parents Posting Baby Photos On Facebook Could Be In Big Trouble

By : Alex Watt |


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It’s basically just an accepted part of social media life now – while scrolling through your Facebook feed, you will inevitably see various videos, holiday snaps, pet pics, irritating quizzes and, of course, loads of baby photos.

However, it turns out that any parents posting pics of their beloved tots could actually get in a lot of trouble for their actions.

The Mirror reports that parents could, in fact, face major fines of thousands of pounds or even jail time for sharing so many intimate snaps of their kids without the permission of the children themselves.

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This is according to the French government, anyway, who have pointed out that the overeager parents could find themselves embroiled in legal action once their little ones grow up.

France currently has very strict privacy laws which means parents could face fines of up to £35,000 if they’re found guilty of breaching their children’s right to privacy when they are young.

But this may not be limited to France, and we could soon see similar legal cases being brought in the UK, warns a professor of education and social research.


Speaking to the Guardian, Professor Nicola Whitton from Manchester Metropolitan University, explained:

I think we’re going to get a backlash in years to come from young people coming to realise that they’ve had their whole lives, from the day they were born, available to social media. Parents have to work out what’s right for them, but be aware that this is another person, another human being, who may not thank them for it in 15 years to come.

It may seem hard, but my line would be don’t put pictures online until they’re of an age where it’s appropriate to discuss it with them.

So if you’re one of those mothers who shares every single movement their baby makes or a dad oversharing their kids’ toilet habits, it might be time to give your social media posts a bit of a rethink.


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