Politician Suffers Very Embarrassing Moment On Facebook

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Politician Suffers Very Embarrassing Moment On Facebook webb1Facebook

A congressional candidate in the U.S has landed himself in a spot of embarrassing bother after he posted a screenshot of his own browser showing two porn sites on his tabs.

Major Mike Webb, an independent (but pretty conservative and religious) candidate for U.S Congress in – ironically – Virginia, forgot to close the tabs before taking a screenshot and posting it to Facebook, reports The Mirror.

In an attempt to explain the gaff, Major Webb said the ‘Layla Rivera tight body’ and ‘Ivone sexy amateur’ tabs were open as he was ‘researching computer viruses’ – yeah and the tiny wrap of weed your mum found belonged to a friend…

Politician Suffers Very Embarrassing Moment On Facebook webb2FacebookU.

Fans of his Facebook page were quick to point out the error – but not before it received 1.6K shares, 1.9k likes and 2k comments before being deleted.

However, Major Webb seems to be putting a positive spin on things and is sure the scandal won’t destabilise his campaign.

In his latest post, titled Thanks For The Tab Check, Ranger Buddies! Major Webb claimed the gaffe had increased his popularity, with his Facebook page seeing its ‘likes’ rise by 25 per cent and his Twitter following increase by 50 per cent.


“For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to…

Posted by Mike Webb for Congress on Monday, May 16, 2016

“Perhaps, what does not kill you does make you stronger,” he claimed. I’ve heard it makes you go blind though…


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