Pornhub Is Bringing Millions Of X-Rated Videos To Your TV For Free

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo

Pornhub Is Bringing Millions Of X Rated Videos To Your TV For Free maxresdefault 11Youtube

Pornhub has taken over the internet, and now it wants to take over your TV.

The X-rated company has just announced a major game-changer for porn lovers – they’ve launched a new app bringing all their naughty content straight to your HD TVs.

The service has just gone live on streaming service Roku and brings all five million videos of racy action to your living room. So you can now enjoy your favourite blue films on big screen and ditch your laptop.

Pornhub Is Bringing Millions Of X Rated Videos To Your TV For Free biggs pieUniversal Pictures

The company says it hopes to release more apps on other platforms soon, and that we should expect more TV-available adult films later this month.

Pornhub VP Chris Pierce told Gizmodo that the company hopes to launch on ‘any platform(s) that allow adult content.’ Sadly for those with Apple TV though, that rules you out as the company has a strict policy against all pornographic content.

Pierce did add, though, that the powerhouse will be ‘launching Chromecast support in [their] official Android app by the end of April,’ and said: “In the meantime we will continue to optimize our TV version of Pornhub that works great on consoles and smartTV web browsers.”

As well as the app, Pornhub has announced a brand-new section on its website entirely entirely dedicated to VR porn, which now provides its users with a choice of 170 or 360 degree scenes.