Prisoner Enjoys Hospital Romps With Visiting Girlfriend In Front Of Guards

By : Kieron Curtis |


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A broken leg opened the door for a convicted prisoner and his ‘on/off girlfriend’ to share a cheeky fumble beneath the hospital bed sheets, right under the noses of onlooking guards.

Ben Harwood was sentenced to 12 months at Nottingham Prison in July for drug related offences and aggravated burglary, but one month into his term the 25-year-old broke his leg in two places following a fall.

Harwood’s injuries were so severe that they could not adequately be treated by the prison’s onsite medical facilities, forcing a move to the city’s Queens Medical Centre for 11 days.

Cue Harwood’s randy partner Barley Marshall taking advantage of the situation to enjoy a level of romance denied by prison bars.

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Having previously been restricted to six visits per month, Barley now discovered she could see her man for up to six hours per day.

The 22-year-old has released photos and saucy details of her trips, which included takeaways, selfies, and below the covers masturbation in front of guards.

She told the Mirror:

There were two prison guards sat on chairs with us, but they didn’t even ID me or search me the first time I visited.

I couldn’t believe it – I could have been anyone.

I was allowed to stay as long as I wanted.

We’d spend most of the time cuddled up and take selfies together with him in his boxers.

We’d been apart from each other for a few months, so of course we took the opportunity to have some sexual fun.

We didn’t have intercourse, but we would stimulate each other under the covers while he was cuffed to the bed.

The officers either didn’t notice or they just turned a blind eye.”

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The Prison Service has said it will be investigating the allegations ‘urgently’.

A spokesperson stated:

Maintaining prisoner security on hospital escorts is paramount and we will take disciplinary action where professional standards have been breached by our staff.”

Harwood has subsequently been released after 186 days in prison, and has moved in with Barley allowing them to express themselves behind closed doors instead of in full view of trained guards.

KFC and a handcuffed rub and tug, who said romance was dead ey?


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