School Bans These Slang Words So Kids Don’t F*ck Their Lives Up

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Apparently the twats of TOWIE are doing more than just polluting our television screens, they’re also corrupting our use of the English language, or so one school in Essex thinks.

The Ongar Academy in Essex is terrified that their students aren’t learning the Queen’s English and they’re even more concerned that when they start going for job interviews they might accidentally slip in a ‘fleek’ or ’emosh’ or ‘reem’.

So in a dystopian effort to get students to change their dialect, the academy has banned certain words, including ‘like’ and ‘literally’ when used in the wrong way, reports the Daily Mail.

Other words which have been outlawed at the school include ’emosh’, ‘ain’t’, and ‘geezer’.

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The headteacher of the school, David Grant, said:

We have noticed since we started the school that students use a certain idiolect, which is particular to this area and in the future may not favourably reflect on them when they attend college and job interviews.

Also, children tend to write as they speak so incorrect use of words in their speech are reflected in their written English.

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The slang ban has only been enforced on year sevens, but according to the school’s assistant head, it’s going pretty well.

Grant added:

In this year of the Queen’s 90th birthday and commemoration of 400 years since Shakespeare’s death and I think we have a responsibility to ensure the way the pupils talk gives a positive impression.

But, then again, the bard invented almost 2,000 words himself so strictly speaking he’s a pretty bad example to use if you’re planning to ban the use of modern slang.


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