Serial Rapist Dies After Being Hit By Brutal Dose Of Karma

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Serial Rapist Dies After Being Hit By Brutal Dose Of Karma serial1Tennesse Bureau Of Investigation

A serial rapist was pronounced dead after being struck by a trailer while allegedly watching porn on his mobile phone.

55-year-old Kevin Jordan died a block away from his home in east Memphis, Tennessee, when the 15-foot trailer carrying a load of tyres smashed into him.

According to the Daily Mail witness reports suggested Jordan was watching porn on his phone and failed to notice the trailer. His device was later analysed and confirmed explicit material had been viewed.

Jordan had previously been sentenced to 25 years in prison after being convicted of raping four women between 1991 and 1992, but he was released in 2010 on good behaviour, reports NY Daily News.

However court documents indicated he was accused of indecent exposure by a woman in March 2014.

The man, also referred to as the ‘Highland Street Rapist’, allegedly masturbated to a woman looking out of her office window because ‘he had the urge to ‘play’ with himself’.

His fiancée Connie Harris argued he was urinating due to being on dialysis following a kidney transplant.

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Shelby County Judge Chris Craft helped convict Jordan in 1994 and has commented that under current law Jordan would never have returned from prison.

He told Fox13:

I just remember he was the scariest guy that I had ever prosecuted at the time.

Kevin was a sexual predator. And for sexual predators, there’s just no cure for them.

He would dress up in a suit, and look like a real clean gentleman. He would find some elderly women or sometimes young women in a grocery store and say, “Hey, ma’am. Can I help you with your groceries? And then he would come back four or five days later, beat and rape them.

At the time, we didn’t have 100 percent crimes. Now, if someone commits an aggravated rape, there is no parole. Back then, there was parole.

The driver of the car which released the trailer has not been charged by police, the incident has instead been treated as a freak accident.