Sicko Arrested In New Mexico For Absolutely Disgusting Reason

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This is about as disgusting as it gets – a man was arrested after he was accused of squirting children with a spray gun filled with his own semen, and he now faces a long time in jail for his horrific actions.

Kevin Jaramillo, from New Mexico, U.S., made a plea agreement with the court which will see him locked up for a minimum of 18 years.


The pervert initially faced a potential sentence of 57 years, but he pleaded no contest to charges stemming from two indictments, including child abuse without great bodily harm, criminal sexual contact and sexual exploitation in an Albuquerque courtroom on Friday to reduce his prison time.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Authorities said the 35-year-old approached numerous children around Albuquerque in March 2014, and filmed his victims being squirted with the semen-filled water gun.


Jaramillo apologised to his victims in court, whose ages reportedly ranged from nine to 18, which also helped to reduce his sentence.

He blamed his behaviour on drugs, alcohol and mental illness. Although not everyone was concinced by his remorse – the father of one victim said Jaramillo took away his daughter’s innocence.