Students Demand Guy Who Ran Really Sleazy University Club Night ‘Face Action’

By : Jamie Roberts |


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Students have demanded that the organiser of a university event faces disciplinary charges.

The club night at the University of Hull saw female student simulate sex on stage and strip off, while the crowd chanted ‘slag’ at them.

According to the Daily Mail the incident took place at the university’s Asylum nightclub – guest DJ Lee Watson has now been banned from the union as well.

Now the student union’s women’s committee has started a petition calling for action to be taken against the director of commercial service at the union, Andy King, who was seen encouraging proceedings on stage.

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The petition claims his ‘presence in the union threatens the wellbeing of students’, and has gathered 200 signatures so far.

It says:

King’s behaviour proves he does not abide by or reflect the ‘values and policies’ of Hull University Union and, therefore, the union needs to take relevant action.

Therefore, we believe the union should discipline King in a way that meets the severity of the situation.

The night saw a group of students compete to win a holiday to Croatia. It started with them eating crackers but soon turned sexual – apparently at one point one of the male students forced a woman into a sexual position and began shouting ‘Who’s the daddy?’

The guest DJ was heard shouting: “Cheer if you want to shag this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first.”

The anti-sexual violence group Rape Crisis called the event ‘exploitative’ and ‘degrading’, and one woman who was present at the night told MailOnline: “It made me feel completely embarrassed to be a student at the University of Hull.”

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Hull University Union said they accept responsibility for the night, and that action had been taken following an investigation.

A spokesperson said:

We as a union take responsibility for this event.

While we cannot share details relating to individual members of staff, we would like to reassure our members and our alumni that we have conducted an investigation and have taken the appropriate actions.

We are confident that we are in a good position moving forward and that nothing like this will happen again.


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