Super Dad, Hugh Jackman, Saves Both His Kids From Riptide On Bondi Beach

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Hugh Jackman is used to playing at heroics as the uncanny X-Man Wolverine, but he turned real life super hero yesterday when his son was caught in a dangerous riptide.

Jackman was down at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia with his son and daughter when the sea’s currents suddenly changed causing a strong riptide in the water while Oscar, 15 and Ava, 10, were swimming, 9News reports.

Hugh leapt into action to help and tried to swim out and rescue his struggling kids. Thankfully another swimmer, Peter Adam, was already helping Ava get to the safety of a sand bar.

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Adam said: 

His daughter was struggling to get on to the sand bar so I reached down, grabbed her arm and put my arm up to Hugh to make a chain to pull us up on the sand bar,

Unfortunately Oscar was caught in current and was carried further out.

Luckily for Hugh, conditions had gotten so bad that the lifeguards were soon dispatched and helped the Hollywood A-lister get Oscar to shore, where the X-Men star repeatedly thanked the lifeguard for rescuing his son.

Hugh was initially unavailable or comment after the incident and was reportedly ‘shaken up’ by the experience, however a rep for the actor later told ABC News, “Hugh and Oscar are completely fine. It looks more dramatic than it was.”

What a super guy!


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