Teacher Jailed For Having Sex With Five Students On Her ‘Bucket List’

By : Kieron Curtis |



A female teaching-assistant has been jailed after being found guilty of sleeping with five of her pupils.

49-year-old Michelle Mellinger also attempted to bed a sixth teen, but he left the scene when she undressed in front of him.

She was arrested after teachers at McKeesport Area High School, White Oak, Pennsylvania, overheard pupils talking about having sex with her, reports the Daily Mirror.

The boys said that Mellinger would text them before picking them up and taking them to her home.

She reportedly told one victim he was on her ‘bucket list’, while telling another ‘I prefer younger people to older people.’

One shocking message to a pupil shockingly read: “Wow, you look amazing. I just became a paedophile.”

Michelle Mellinger

Mellinger has been jailed for between 11 and 23 months after being found guilty of a string of charges, which included five counts of having intercourse or sexual contact with students and one of sexual assault.

The special education teaching assistant was arrested in October of last year and the 263 days she’s spent in jail already will come off her sentence, but upon release she will spend five years on probation with one year of house arrest.

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Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Donna Jo McDaniel said:

It wasn’t a bad decision. There were six victims over the course of two years.

She didn’t get drunk and seduce a kid down the block.

With one of the boys allegedly suffering from depression, hopefully the verdict will allow the victims to start recovering from the abuse.


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