Teacher Slams School After Her ‘Sex Chat’ Was Hacked By Students

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Teacher Slams School After Her Sex Chat Was Hacked By Students costa1PA

A teacher who had her Facebook ‘sexts’ hacked by students and spread around the school has said she ‘no longer feels safe’. 

Kids at Urban Action Academy, Brooklyn, made photocopies of a screen grab of Angela Costa’s private message – in which she thanked her lover for giving her ‘a couple of orgasms’ reports the New York Post.

According to Ms Costa, not only have the culprits not been punished, but the incident wasn’t wasn’t reported to the Department of Education (DOE) for four days.

As a result – and on the advice of the teachers union – she filed a complaint with the police who labelled it an ‘aggravated harassment’ case.

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The teacher said:

I was mortified. I felt helpless and victimised. I no longer feel safe in the building and would like to be transferred to a different work environment where harassment/bullying is not tolerated.

Costa also said she received harassing emails following the hack and accused principal Steve Dorcely of a coverup.

She said:

The very fact that it took five days for the school to report the incident, and knowing they never interviewed any staff or students and did not conduct a proper investigation, makes me fearful to return to work because my own administration and deans are not there to protect me.

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How her message was hacked remains a mystery – although three students had previously been suspended for stealing Ms Costa’s mobile – with one theory suggesting the Facebook message was accessed from that phone.

Ms Costa said the message is 17 months old and isn’t ruling out that school staffers may have been involved in the incident.

Mr Dorcely has reportedly declined to return requests for comment, but the DOE said:

The school has taken steps to address this situation, and we’re continuing to review the matter.

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