Girl, 15, Charged After ‘Selling Nude Photos And Videos Of Herself Online’

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teengirl8 Girl, 15, Charged After Selling Nude Photos And Videos Of Herself

A 15-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly selling explicit nude photos and videos of herself online.

Police in Kent County, Michigan, have now charged the girl for operating the illicit online business and according to Smoking Gun, the court documents show more than 20 transactions took place netting her over $1000 (£680).


teengirl2 Girl, 15, Charged After Selling Nude Photos And Videos Of Herself

Reported in the Mirror the girl allegedly told family members that she had been producing nude photographs of herself and selling them to strangers online. Relatives then told the girl’s mum and she contacted the police.

Detective Matthew Batchelder wrote in the search warrant affidavits that the teen confessed to selling images using her account on messaging app Kik. She would post simply stating that she was ‘selling stuff’ and then men would contact her to ask what was on offer – she would respond by saying she’d send them nude pictures and videos for a price.


teengirl4 Girl, 15, Charged After Selling Nude Photos And Videos Of Herself

Although there was reportedly no set price, people would pay cash for videos, which didn’t show her face but were explicit in content. During police interviews the girl said she recorded at least 15 illicit videos in the two months before she was caught.


The girl stated her ‘customers’ knew she was underage but she ‘couldn’t elaborate’ how they knew, according to Detective Batchelder. A search warrant allowed access to the email details of four of the girl’s repeat customers and the court documents state: “It is believed that child sexually abusive material is likely to be found within the Google Gmail accounts listed.”

The investigation is ongoing but police expect the girl will be charged with disseminating child pornography – a felony offence in America.


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