The Internet Reacts To Justin Bieber’s Dick

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The Internet Reacts To Justin Biebers Dick UNILAD Untitled 122Twitter

If for some reason you aren’t aware by now, Justin Bieber has a dick. We know this because pictures of it have very recently become visible online, causing the internet to melt.

The Biebs is on holiday in Bora Bora with model Jayde Pierce, where he decided to go for a skinny dip. At some point during this naked swim his junk was photographed, and here we are. On the internet. All talking about Justin Bieber’s dick.

Since the news broke you’ve all been very busy. Here are some of the best reactions so far.

There was outrage:

This guy got a bit creepy:

Here come the conspiracy theories. The plot thickens:

This absolute badass:

A lot of people were pleasantly surprised:

And the rest:

And just because we love you: