The Internet’s Losing Its Sh*t Over Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo F*ck Up

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We can add astronomy to the list of things that Miley Cyrus knows fuck all about, which also includes singing.

This Wednesday the artist, formally known as Hannah Montana, made a bit of a gaffe when she Instagrammed a photo of brand spanking new tattoo, adding the #lilbbjupter.

There was only one small problem, while she’d definitely got a tattoo of a planet it wasn’t Jupiter it was Saturn, the clue’s that one’s got a ring the other hasn’t.

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Miley’s followers on Instagram were keen to point out her astrological slip up writing ‘Jupiter doesn’t have rings…thats Saturn’ and ‘That’s not Jupiter’.

Twitter wasn’t on her side either.

One of Miley’s fans did point out that Jupiter does in fact have rings writing: “Shows what you know… Jupiter DOES have rings… google is your bff.”

And to be fair to Miley our exhaustive research (quick Wikipedia search) shows that Jupiter does indeed have rings, they’re just so faint that they can’t be seen in most photos so maybe, just maybe Miley insisted that her tattoo artist be scientifically accurate with her latest ink.

For future reference this is Jupiter (big orangish one with the spot)…

Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red SpotWikimedia

And this is Saturn, the one with the giant ring…

Saturn during Equinox 640x426Wikimedia

It doesn’t seem likely though considering she’s now removed the embarrassing Jupiter hashtag, unfortunately she didn’t remove the far more embarrassing #stonerasfuck tag –  take a day off Miley.