The Unhappiest Towns In England Have Been Revealed

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The most unhappy areas of England have been announced, and it makes for pretty depressing reading.

As reported by the Daily Star, the study was based on the number of antidepressants prescribed to residents of each town across the country, taken from official NHS prescription figures.

And it’s bad news if you live in Blackpool, which has been revealed as the glummest town in England. We would have thought all the casinos and fun fairs would have kept residents’ spirits up, but it appears not.

Apparently, NHS patients in the seaside town got through £1.5 million worth of antidepressants last year. That’s the equivalent of £10.46 for every person living there.

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St Helens

According to the study, the resort also has the lowest life expectancy for men in England and Wales, at 74.7 years.

Overall, the study paints a rather unflattering picture of the North West – with St Helens, Rochdale and South Manchester all in the top five of the list.

Check out the full top 10:


This much money was spent per head on anti-depressants in…

1. Blackpool – £10.46
2. St Helens – £9.21
3. Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale – £8.53
4. Isle of Wight – £8.43
5. South Manchester – £8.20
6. Great Yarmouth & Waveney – £7.71
7. West Norfolk – £7.67
8. North East Essex – £7.59
9. South Lincolnshire – £7.45
10. West Suffolk – £7.34

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Remarkably, London was a lot happier than you might expect, as the areas with the least spent on antidepressants were all in the UK capital.

Here’s the full top 10:


These places spent the least per person…

1. Brent – £2.12
2. Newham – £2.18
3. Redbridge – £2.33
4. Merton – £2.45
5. City and Hackney – £2.48
6. Haringey – £2.51
7. Southwark – £2.52
8. Lambeth – £2.57
9. Hillingdon – £2.63
10. Barking & Dagenham – £2.66

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Brent, London

Last year in England more than 58 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were written out, double the figure of 10 years ago, at a cost of £265 million to the NHS.


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