There’s A Development In Story Of Man Hired To Have Sex With Children

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Remember a week ago when we introduced you to Eric Aniva, the Mawalian man who’s hired to have sex with children, well there’s been a development.

According to BBC News, Aniva was arrested after President Arthur Peter Mutharika ordered police investigate claims that he’d slept with under-age girls, despite being HIV positive.


Eric Avina is what’s known in Malawi as a ‘Hyena’, a sexual worker who’s paid to ‘cleanse’ a woman when they have their first menstruation.


An investigation by BBC journalist, Ed Butler discovered that some of these girls can be as young as 12 years old and that it’s a traditional custom in some remote southern regions of the country.

Mr Aniva had reportedly told the BBC that he had planned on stopping taking part in sexual cleansing practices.

In a statement made by presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani the government said ‘harmful cultural and traditional practices cannot be accepted in this country’.

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The statement said: 

[Mr Aniva would] further be investigated for exposing the young girls to contracting HIV and further be charged accordingly.

All people involved in this malpractice should be held accountable for subjecting their children and women to this despicable

These horrific practices although done by a few also tarnish the image of the whole nation of Malawi internationally and bring shame to us all.

President Peter Mutharika has also ordered the parents of those believed to be involved to be investigated.

Malawi raised the legal age of marriage from 15 to 18 last year, banning child marriage, which it was hoped would end the Hyena practise.