Third Of Brits Worry About How Their Genitals ‘Look And Smell’

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Third Of Brits Worry About How Their Genitals Look And Smell UNILAD emma stone eww55800A survey by MedExpress has found that over a third of Brits are worried about how their genitals look and smell.

The survey questioned 2,313 from around Britain, between the ages of18 -30, on their genitals and more than a third believed their private parts weren’t normal.

Of those who took the survey the main worries were:

  • “My genitals look different to those I see online and in the media” (43%)
  • “I always feel as if my smell isn’t normal” / “I don’t know what it’s meant to smell like” (18%)
  • “There are lumps on my genitals and I’m not sure if they’re meant to be there” (13%)
  • “It just doesn’t look attractive to me” (11%)
  • “I’m unsure whether the discharge I have is con
    sidered normal or not” (3%)

Third Of Brits Worry About How Their Genitals Look And Smell UNILAD stinks30405

More than three quarters of those surveyed also said they were so worried about being “normal” that during sex that they’ve been unable to achieve orgasm.

The blame’s being put on pressure from pornography to have both men and women conform to an idea of what the body should look like.

Michael Ross a spokesperson for MedExpress has said that it’s “worrying” that people have started to compare themselves to an ideal they see in pornography, and claimed that this ideal just doesn’t exist. Mr Ross explained that people need to learn that genitals come in all shapes and sizes.

Natika H Halil, chief executive at sexual health charity FPA is not surprised by the survey results saying that young people growing up need to learn about natural variety in genitals and shouldn’t worry the media or pornography portray privates.

Mr Ross added:

A number of the results in our study were slightly worrying and probably need to be addressed. If you feel like you might smell or you have a lump or mark ‘down below’, please do book an appointment with your GP or take a trip to your local GUM clinic.

Even if it does turn out to be nothing, which it probably is, it will reassure you that you are completely normal and healthy and that you shouldn’t let your worries ruin your sex life.


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