This Adults Only Trailer Park Has A Dark Secret

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The Palace Mobile Home Park in the U.S. seems like any other stereotypical trailer park but the residents of this park all have a dark secret.

Each and every one of the 126 residents of this housing program in Florida are convicted sex offenders, who are trying to re-integrate into society.

In their trailer park both convicted rapists and paedophiles live together and go to group therapy sessions where they try and appreciate the severity of their crimes, The Mirror reports.

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Those running the trailer park aim to provide a place for sex offenders to return from prison and begin safely transitioning back into society, and the park claims no offender has committed a sex crime while living there.

The park came about as a solution to a problem created by the U.S. justice system which can ban registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of places where children meet regularly.

This can lead to these criminals having nowhere to live leading to parks like the Palace to set up.

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Those living on-site range from 25-years-old to 88-years-old and there are church services, alcohol and drug abuse sessions to help people get clean. and staff provide counselling and help claiming benefits.

Visitors are encouraged to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends, although children are not permitted to enter as they may cause court orders to breached.

The community is the focus of a documentary, Pervert Park, which examines the lives of residents, many of which have managed to get jobs in the local community.

Residents include a woman, who was raped by her father and his friends growing up and was later convicted of having sex with her own son.

While another man was caught by police expressing an interest in having sex with a young girl as part of an online police sting.

The park is unpopular with locals and some vandalise the park at night, calling the residents ‘baby rapers’.


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