This Exercise Could Be Killing Your Sexual Performance

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Despite the conventional wisdom being that the more in shape a person is, the better looking they are and therefore the more sex they get, it seems that some forms of exercise may affect your performance in the bedroom in all the wrong ways.

While there’s no denying that exercise is fantastic for both your mental and physical health, it’s been reported by Eat This Not That some forms of training could have a negative effect on your sex drive because of the way they alter your testosterone levels.


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Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is crucial to sex drive, sexual performance, and maintaining a strong erection but a recent study shows that spending too much time running can lower your body’s testosterone levels. This could potentially lead to a reduced libido, fatigue and worst of all erectile dysfunction and

In fact the University of British Columbia. found that running just under six miles a day could drop your testosterone levels by nearly one fifth.

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They don’t really understand why running causes this drastic drop off but researchers hypothesise that putting in all those miles in training could disrupt communication between your brain and your body’s hormone-producing glands.

But gym bunnies shouldn’t start worrying about their sex lives just yet, lifting weights and other high intensity exercises have been proved to trigger big testosterone releases

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Interestingly blasting some heavy metal in the gym will help you build muscle, burn fat and also spike your testosterone sending your libido through the roof.


So there we go the secret to a happy sex life, not running, heavy metal and pumping iron, who’d have guessed?


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