This Girl’s Dance Video Was Banned In China For Being ‘Too Sexy’

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The Chinese government have a history of censorship but their recent decision to blacklist a live stream of a woman dancing in a bathroom is just bizarre.

The stream belonged to dancer Song Zixin who danced around in an empty bathroom to entertain her viewers. It’s been described as sexy by some but honestly it’s just strange and a little bit awkward.

Apparently people were into it though, and over 100,000 viewers logged on to watch her odd bathroom antics, leading the Chinese government to close down her account, The Sun reports.

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Specifically, China’s ‘State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television’ pulled the dance from the Chinese social network YY.

The choice to cut the stream has split public opinion in China with some supporting the censorship because of Zixin’s skimpy ‘daisy dukes’, while others believe that because she’s not naked it shouldn’t have been pulled.

Zixin’s not letting the censorship get her down though and has already begun posting similar dances on another social media site, Panda TV.

This isn’t the first time the Chinese government have involved themselves with ‘cam girls’ – they’ve previously tried to ban them and even gone so far as to take down videos showing women eating bananas seductively…


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