This Is Why You Should Never Leave Kids Alone With Your iPad

By : Alex Watt |


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One dad learned the hard way why you should never leave your children alone with an iPad when his son racked up a £4,000 bill playing on the Jurassic World video game.

Mohamed Shugaa, from Crawley, West Sussex, had no idea that his son Faisall knew the password for his tablet. He only found out the 7-year-old had been playing the dinosaur game, and paying for upgrades and new characters, when his bank card was declined because his account was drastically overdrawn.

As reported by the Crawley News, when the 32-year-old checked his balance he found that £3,911 had vanished from his account – with 60 separate payments to iTunes between December 13 and December 18.

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Apparently, Faisall was paying for things in the game using ‘Dino Bucks’, completely unaware he was actually spending real money.

Obviously, his father was pretty pissed off by the whole thing and rang Apple to explain the situation, telling them he’s a “grown man” so why would he be spending thousands of pounds on a computer game? Honestly Mohamed, you’d be surprised..

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Speaking to the Telegraph, Mohamed said:

When I couldn’t make another payment I rang my bank. They put me through to the fraud team and they asked if I was aware 60-plus transactions had been made to iTunes from December 13 to 18 totalling £3,911. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about and I had to check my bank account online to understand what was going on.

I was so mad. I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds on buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game? Why didn’t they email me to check I knew these payments were being made? I got nothing from them. How much longer would it have gone on for? Faisall is only seven, he doesn’t understand the real value of money and what the payments in the game involved.

Fortunately, the father-of-two eventually managed to convince the company to refund his cash saying he needed the money to buy Christmas gifts for his children. Even so, this incident should definitely stand as a warning to parents everywhere!


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