This Woman Was Shamed For Wearing A Dress That Looked ‘Too Sexy’

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This Woman Was Shamed For Wearing A Dress That Looked Too Sexy Simple Tapestry Wedding Photography Northern Ireland 640x426Wikimedia

One of the most annoying things about being invited to a wedding is finding the perfect outfit to wear, and there are a lot of unwritten rules surrounding dress etiquette.

Liz Krueger learnt this the hard way when she was brought in as an emergency plus one for a wedding after a friend’s original choice pulled out.

The fitness instagrammer wore a tight fitting peach dress that made her feel great, unfortunately the other guests didn’t appreciate her choice in outfit, The Daily Mail reports.

Krueger claims the other invitees were ‘outrightly rude’ to her during the party, spilling beer over her and even slapping her bum without permission.

One guest even supposedly told her that she ‘felt embarrassed for her’ because of her choice of dress while others just laughed.

Speaking to Yahoo style Liz said:

I laughed it off and tried to just act like it didn’t bother me, because I felt humiliated.

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Liz has now hit back at her critics posting a picture of herself wearing the dress on Instagram, reminding people not to be rude and even started her own #KruegerKindness to inspire others to be kind.

She hopes that people will look at her situation and let other people know that it’s not okay to ‘bring someone down’ or ‘harass’ others because you dislike their outfit.

She explained: 

I want to inspire women and build women up. It’s hard to do when they are tearing you down. If they think it’s too sexy, they don’t have to wear it.

I am very confident in my skin, as over the years I’ve had to overcome a lot of body issues, and I’m finally to a place where I enjoy wearing fun dresses.

Can you image how much better a world without haters would be?