Tinder CEO Reveals Technique To Get More Matches

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Tinder is the ultimate platform for finding a quick date but the company’s CEO has got some helpful tips for those who want to up their Tinder game.

The dating app CEO, Sean Rad, has revealed exactly what profile picture you need to be using to get potential partners swiping right, the Mirror reports.


Rad explained that using a photo showcasing your interests dramatically increases your chances of getting a match.

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He said:

The data shows this: When your photo expresses something about your interests — like a skier skiing — or something about your personality, you do better

The Tinder owner is probably worth listening too as well considering that his app has matched up to 11 billion couples since it launched in 2012.

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He claims you should always be yourself and that Tinder links into your Facebook profile so it can flag up when a prospective match shares the same interests as you.


But if you can get that across in a photo, you’ll be better for it.

Rad also knows what doesn’t work, and although his advice is pretty obvious we can guarantee you’ve probably got at least one mate who makes these basic mistakes.

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Speaking to the Cosmopolitan editor Farrah Storr he claimed that ‘model-y poses never work’, so stop doing that strange duck face pout or getting your guns out.

Obviously group shots are best avoided because most users aren’t going to spend time swiping through pictures to figure out which person in the group is their potential date.

Earlier this year the casual sex app released all the professions whose members are most to get a match and it’s good news for women who work as physical therapists and men who are pilots.

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Tinder only began giving sex-seekers the option to add details of their profession and education around three months ago.

The firm said:

Since then, millions of Tinder users have added their job to their profiles. Adding your job to your profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches – it also increases your chances of receiving a right swipe.

So what are you waiting for, update your profile, and watch the matches come flooding in!


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