Topless Mexican Policewoman’s Career Prospects Are Looking Up

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Topless Mexican Policewomans Career Prospects Are Looking Up nadia2 1 640x426Facebook

The Mexican police officer who was suspended for posting a topless selfie in her patrol car may be heading for a new line of work.

Nidia Garcia got a few people hot under the collar when images of her showing off her boobs as she cuddled a semi-automatic weapon were leaked online.

Now she’s reportedly been swamped with offers from modelling agencies.

Topless Mexican Policewomans Career Prospects Are Looking Up nadia1 1Facebook

Nidia, from Escobedo, was originally put on gardening leave while her superiors investigated the snaps.

However it turned out that the police car selfie was just one of a number of sexy pictures that the young woman had taken, and which she says she now regrets.

In a confession on Facebook Nidia admitted to posing for the snap (the biggest hint being that she’s in the photo) but denied posting it online.

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She said:

I apologise to the Proximity Justice Secretariat (local police force) and moreover to the city of Escobedo for this immoral act that I have committed

Since I would be incapable of uploading a photo like this, I am outraged by the great damage this publication brings to my two daughters, my husband, parents, brothers and entire family.

I hereby admit my great fault in posing for the picture, and I ask for this topic to be left aside.

It brought me great moral and psychological pain and I want to apologise to the municipality. We are all humans and make mistakes.

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Soon after the confession though, other topless photos began to emerge and were widely shared on social media.

Now though a number of men’s magazines have become interested in signing her up for a photo shoot and she may also have a number of lucrative modelling contracts to promote local businesses.

Local entrepreneur Gerardo Herrera is one of those who believes that Nidias instant fame should be exploited.

Although he believes that they don’t need to be naked pictures, but rather with ‘a professional photo session that plays with the imagination of her fans’.

As we still don’t know how her superiors are planning to punish her maybe this could be a new lucrative line of work?