Turns Out Vladimir Putin Has A Sexist All Female ‘Mini-Skirt’ Army

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Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly likes to think of himself as the most machismo fellow alive and that even extends to how he deals with his military, it would seem.

Earlier today, Russia showcased its modernised military war machine in a grand parade on Moscow’s Red Square, including a display of their advanced air defence missile system, their aircraft, and all of their troops.


But it was the extremely bizarre outfits of the all-female batallion which really turned heads and got people talking, the Mirror reports.

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Putin isn’t exactly the most forward thinking of guys when it comes to equality, as well we know, but the reveal that he has a ‘miniskirt army’ made up entirely of women is still drastically outdated, even by his standards.

The female troops all wore miniskirts – inches above the knee – as well as knee-high black boots with tanned tights and starched white uniforms, black ties, gold braid, white gloves and peaked caps.


Just a bit different from your average female troops’ attire in any other Western miliary unit then.

The sexist display definitely stunned Russia’s friends and enemies alike, although perhaps not for the reasons Putin hoped.

Turns Out Vladimir Putin Has A Sexist All Female Mini Skirt Army PA 26278479PA

The event annually commemorates the former Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazis in World War Two, and this year’s parade took place in the bright sunshine as Putin looked on in a tribune filled with Soviet war veterans.


Later, in his speech, Putin said:

This is both state and a very personal, family holiday. It has become a symbol of a sacred relation of Russia and its people. And this unity, devotion to fatherland is a core to our strength, confidence and dignity.

He also spoke of the need to combat global terrorism and, admittedly, the sight of an all-female battalion is known to strike fear into the hearts of Daesh/ISIS – so Putin’s got that going for him, at least.


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