Uber Drivers Reveal The Most F*cked Up Secrets They’ve Overheard

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Uber drivers, like hairdressers, belong to a profession that holds the key to hearing secrets normally kept locked away – they quite literally get a front row seat into complete strangers’ private lives.

The thought of it is actually quite terrifying, on top of the fact that they already know where you live.

But that’s probably the last thing on passengers’ minds as they unload their deepest, darkest secrets in the back of a cab.


In a Reddit thread dedicated to Uber drivers, stories have been revealed from late-night encounters, when a few drinks have loosened customers’ lips or they simply have no one else to talk to.

Here are the most bizarre and darkest secrets they’ve overheard:

Being a taxi driver, it’s inevitable you’ll come across a few unfaithful passengers:


Even as a passenger you may come across some weirdos, like this Uber driver:

Or you may just bump into someone who was friends with Saddam Hussein:

And then there are the sadder tales:


All in all, being a cab driver can be pretty fucked up.

From witnessing infidelity to becoming someone’s therapist, it’s a much more difficult job than some of us would imagine.