War Machine Is Making A Mockery Of His Trial For Sexual Assault

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Former MMA fighter War Machine has decided to use his trial to prove to the world that he really is a massive twat by defending his actions against Christie Mack.

War Machine, real name Jonathan Koppenhaver, made us all aware what a nasty bastard he is last year when in a horrific attack, he brutally beat and raped his then girlfriend Christie Mack. Luckily, Miss Mack escaped and bravely reported his crimes, before the fighter then went on the run.

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However, Koppenhaver has decided that he’s not done being the world’s most colossal bell-end. In his trial he blew a kiss at his prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth. Bluth then told the judge that she found the gesture “offensive” and he was told to stop.

But that’s nowhere near as fucked up as his defence. War Machine argues that because Christy Mack is a porn star, there is an “acceptability towards a particular form of sex activities that were outside of the norm.”  That basically means that in this man’s twisted mind, he couldn’t rape her because she’s a porn star.

Of course, the judge had none of this, saying:

I don’t see how any of those activities that she did in adult movies would ever show her consent to the acts with the defendant that he’s charged with,” she said. “I’m not seeing that connection.

The trial continues.