What Your Sex Dreams Actually Mean

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Ever woken up heart racing in the dead of night, wondering why on Earth you were dreaming of your evil ex from several years ago?

Well thanks to the Daily Mail you don’t have to lose any more sleep over the random things you dream of.

They spoke to Marianne Vicelich a relationships expert whose new book, Love Spells, will help shed some light on all your odd sex dreams.

Sex With Your Boss

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Ever woke up in a cold sweat after getting passionate with your boss while visiting the land of nod?

Apparently this indicates a desire for control, power and the need to take charge in your own life.

It can also apparently mean you need more excitement in your own love life.

Sleeping With An Ex…

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Does an old flame keep on making their way into your bed while you dream?

Unsurprisingly thinking of an ex while you’re in dreamland means that you may have some unresolved feelings for your lost Lenore.

Your feelings may not necessarily be sexual, but basically hint at a lost intimacy and maybe even a longing to reconnect.

Sex With A Celeb…

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According to the Mail’s dream expert, getting off with the celeb of your dreams in your dreams represents a drive for success and acknowledgement in the real world.

It may also mean that your confidence is on the rise and the belief that you’re above your current partner.

Of course dreaming of a celebrity is a safe way to release any pent up sexual desires so don’t worry too much.


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Cheating dreams are perfectly normal and indicate a lack of attention from your current partner.

The Mail’s dream wizard claims that a lack of attention makes you subconsciously fear that your partner’s cheating on you in real life and this manifests in a dream.

Cheating dreams basically resolve around feelings of abandonment, self-esteem and trust issues.

Sex With A Stranger…

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Sleeping with a randomer apparently represents ‘masochistic behaviour’ and a concern that your sex life has become a bit vanilla and boring.

Basically you need to step out of your comfort zone and explore your passions an emotions more.