Woman Filmed Having Sex With A Dog Has Conviction ‘Set Aside’

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Where to start?

A woman who allowed herself to be filmed having sex with a dog regretted the act, and has now had her conviction ‘set aside’.


The woman, who cannot be named, was found guilty of bestiality after police discovered video footage of her and a terrier doing the inter-species nasty.

The former University of Queensland student had agreed to the illegal activity in a bid to please a man she met on Craigslist.

The classy gent had put an advert on the website to find a woman willing to perform sex acts online. They met, he requested she shag his dog and the woman, who has since been described as ’emotionally vulnerable’, obliged before then having sex with the owner.


UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 10 06 at 23.48.407 Woman Filmed Having Sex With A Dog Has Conviction Set AsideQueensland Court of Appeal
In May of 2014 the woman was convicted on the grounds of community interest and had her blue card, a legal document required in Queensland to work with children, revoked and a two-year probation period put in place.

The Queensland Court of Appeal heard her case and decided the original punishment had been too harsh, and the risk posed by the woman was not on the scale originally doled out.


After hearing testimony relating to a psychiatric evaluation it was agreed the woman had been ‘manipulated’ into the act, and the original sentence was overturned.

Justice David Jackson highlighted that the woman had ‘made a very poor choice which she plainly regrets’. You don’t say?


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