Woman Has Third Boob Removed After It Made Her Depressed

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This woman grew a third breast, but was forced to remove it after it caused her too much pain and made her depressed.


The 41-year-old mother from India grew a ‘large accessory breast’ as a result of a rare condition called polymastia.

According to The Sun one of her breasts inflated three times bigger than the other one, causing her pain in both the shoulder and arm.


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The British Medical Journal reported:

There was a successful removal of a large accessory breast, also known as polymastia, from a 41-year-old woman in India.

An accessory breast is an additional breast, and affects approximately two to six per cent of the female population.


These can range from small moles to fully functional breasts, and symptoms can include pain, restriction in movement, cosmetic impairment, negative body image, psychosexual dysfunction, and stigma.

According to the Journal treatment is necessary if any symptoms arise, or if the breast becomes cancerous.

They went on to describe this case in more detail:

The patient in this report had an accessory breast on her left hand side which increased in size over the course of ten years following her first pregnancy.

A mastectomy was performed to remove the accessory breast, and the patient was happy with cosmetic surgery.

She fully recovered from the surgery, and started going out and meeting other people again.


The Sun