Woman Horrified After Being ‘Touched In Bed’ By Stranger She Mistook For Boyfriend

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UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 11 17 at 14.57.2843315 Woman Horrified After Being Touched In Bed By Stranger She Mistook For Boyfriend

A woman from Rhyl has alleged a stranger in her bed inappropriately touched her after she mistook him for her boyfriend.


Caernarfon Crown Court heard that she arrived home from a late shift at work at around 3am, spoke to her boyfriend before heading to bed.

Upon waking at roughly 8am on December 14 last year, she became aware of a body also in the bed and assuming it was her boyfriend moved backwards to enter a spooning position.

The defence has accused her of initiating sexual contact at this point, claiming she touched the strangers groin, but the woman alleges that it was he who tried to put his hand down her pants and was touching her bum.


Unbeknownst to her, however, her boyfriend had fallen asleep on the sofa and was not in the bedroom with her.

UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 11 17 at 14.52.3032286 Woman Horrified After Being Touched In Bed By Stranger She Mistook For BoyfriendCaernarfon Crown Court

The woman became suspicious after pushing the man’s hand away twice and then turned in horror to discover he was not who she thought him to be.

Speaking to the court the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said:

I assumed it was my boyfriend and something was going to happen. I felt fingers going down the back of my knickers.

He just looked at me and he was smiling at me as if he’s known me all his life. I don’t understand how this guy has come in. I was so shocked.


The woman’s boyfriend told the court he did not initially believe her, but upon discovering the other male he ‘genuinely thought he had made a mistake’.

The case is ongoing.


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